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The big aspects between the slow-moving outer planets are some of the most potent astrological influences we encounter. Some of these contacts can affect us for months, even years, at a time, shaking our lives to the core as they transform us at deep (often unconscious) levels. Further, the individual aspects between pairs of planets fall into long-term cycles of decades or even centuries-long duration, creating historical influences that can shape grand stretches of time. The dance of the outer planets is indeed one of the most fascinating areas of astrology!

The following links will take you to the descriptions of the big aspects currently in effect. A complete list of all the Big Aspects by Planetary Pairs are on a separate page. You can also browse the individual pages of big aspects.

Check out the Current Transits pages for information on each aspect as they happen. Also, the planet positions listed under each aspect should be considered Critical Degrees for the duration of the contact -- if not much longer.

The profiles of the Planets and the Aspects provide useful background info to further understand these big aspects. See the Glyph Glossary for a description of the symbols for planets and aspects used on these pages.

The eye-dropper icon indicates the aspect has been captured as an HCW remedy. Click on the icon to find out more about these remedies.

The Current Big Aspect Picture

In Progress and Still Kicking:

Either in orb or within 6 months of being exact. Either way, these aspects are currently active and worth paying attention to -- now! The ones I've made comments about are likely to have the most impact on us.

Chiron semisextile Uranus (2008-2021, 2036-2038)
Uranus square Pluto (2012-2015) -- sets up the nation for years of revolutionary overhaul.
Saturn square Neptune (2015-2016)
Jupiter quincunx Neptune (2016-2017)
Saturn semisextile Pluto (2016-11-10)
Jupiter square Pluto (2016-2017)
Saturn trine Uranus (2016-2017)
Jupiter opposite Uranus (2016-2017)
Saturn square Chiron (2016-2017)
Jupiter quincunx Chiron (2016-2017)
Jupiter sextile Saturn (2017-8-27)

Previews of Coming Attractions:

Will be in orb and affecting us all too quickly -- you might want to start thinking about these already.

Jupiter trioctile Neptune (2017-9-27)
Jupiter quintile Pluto (2017-11-3)
Jupiter trioctile Chrion (2017-2018)
Jupiter trine Neptune (2017-2018)
Saturn quintile Neptune (2017-2018)
Jupiter octile Saturn (2017-2018)
Jupiter sextile Pluto (2018)
Uranus octile Neptune (2018-2019)
Chiron quintile Pluto (2018-2021)
Jupiter trine Chiron (2018-11-1)
Jupiter quincunx Uranus (2018-11-8)
Jupiter octile Pluto (2018-11-28)
Jupiter semisextile Saturn (2018-2019)

Looming on the Horizon:

Distant rumblings on the horizon for another day...

Jupiter trioctile Uranus (2019)
Jupiter square Neptune (2019)
Saturn sextile Neptune (2019)
Jupiter semisextile Pluto (2019)
Jupiter square Chiron (2019-12-8)
Saturn quintile Chiron (2019-12-14)
Jupiter trine Uranus (2019-12-15)
Jupiter quintile Neptune (2019-12-20)
Saturn conjunct Pluto (2020-1-12)
Jupiter sextile Neptune (2020)
Jupiter quintile Chiron (2020)
Jupiter conjunct Pluto (2020)
Jupiter conjunct Saturn (2020-12-21)
Jupiter octile Neptune (2021-1-4)
Jupiter sextile Chiron (2021-1-11)
Jupiter square Uranus (2021-1-17)
Saturn octile Neptune (2021-1-20)
Saturn sextile Chiron (2021)
Saturn square Uranus (2021)
Jupiter semisextile Neptune (2021-3-20)
Jupiter octile Chiron (2021)
Jupiter semisextile Pluto (2021)
Jupiter quintile Uranus (2021)
Jupiter semisextile Chiron (2022-2-11)
Jupiter sextile Uranus (2022-2-17)
Jupiter octile Pluto (2022-2-23)
Jupiter semisextile Saturn (2022-4-5)
Jupiter conjunct Neptune (2022-4-12)
Jupiter sextile Pluto (2022-5-3)
Saturn semisextile Neptune (2022-2023)
Jupiter octile Uranus (2022)
Jupiter octile Saturn (2022-2023)

On the Back Burner

Due to the highly elliptical orbits of some planets, these aspects seem to take a break in the middle.

Neptune sextile Pluto (1950-1956, 1976-1986, 2026-2032)

Olde, but not Forgotten:

Uranus conjunct Neptune (1993) -- the start of a new 170 year cycle of spiritual awakening.
Uranus sextile Pluto (1995-1997) -- a 2 year tour-de-force that transformed everything. In 5 Acts.
The Grand Finale -- a blockbuster configuration of the outer planets that hit us in Feb 97.
Saturn square Neptune (1998-1999) -- caught between a rock and a dream.
Chiron conjunct Pluto (1999-12-30) -- a highly transformative contact kicking off a 70 year cycle.
Saturn square Uranus (1999-2000) -- talk about overhauling your "reality"!
Jupiter conjunct Saturn (2000-5-28) -- starting a 20 year cycle of major social changes.
Saturn opposite Pluto (2001-2002) -- the start of the "War on Terror".
Uranus quintile Pluto (2002-2005) -- a 3 year, 7 pass aspect to shake up your outlook on life.
Jupiter square Saturn (2005-2006) -- a crisis period in a cycle with global repercussions.
Saturn opposite Neptune (2006-2007) -- the midpoint of a 37 year cycle of idealism vs. pragmatism.
Jupiter conjunct Pluto (2007-12-12)
Jupiter conjunct Chiron (2009)
Jupiter conjunct Neptune (2009)
Saturn opposition Uranus (2008-2010) -- a tug-of-war between chaos and the status quo.
Saturn square Pluto (2009-2010) -- ouch!!
Jupiter opposition Saturn (2010-2011)
Jupiter conjunct Uranus (2010-2011)
Chiron conjunct Neptune (2010-2-17) -- the start of an 84 year cycle.
Uranus semisextile Neptune (2009-2010)
Saturn sextile Pluto (2012-2013)
Jupiter trine Saturn (2013-2014)
Jupiter opposite Pluto (2013-2014)
Jupiter trine Chiron (2013-2014)
Jupiter square Uranus (2013-2014)
Chiron sextile Pluto (2012-2014)
Saturn trine Chiron (2012-2014)
Jupiter trine Uranus (2014-2015)
Saturn octile Pluto (2014-2015)
Saturn trioctile Uranus (2014-2015)
Jupiter square Saturn (2015-2016)
Jupiter trioctile Pluto (2015-8-4)
Jupiter trioctile Uranus (2015-9-2)
Jupiter opposite Neptune (2015-9-17)
Jupiter trine Pluto (2015-2016)
Jupiter opposite Chiron (2015-2016)
Jupiter quincunx Uranus (2015-2016)
Jupiter quintile Saturn (2016-8-30)