Astrology Collection of HCW Remedies

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General Information about these Remedies

The remedies in this collection represent the leading edge of a synthesis of vibrational healing and astrology. After having experimented with collecting eclipses for a number of years using the HCW techniques, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to start capturing other major astrological events, beginning with the conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune in 1993. These "big aspects" and other events are literally once in a lifetime occurences -- these energies will never be repeated in our lives (not this one, at any rate). Since these planetary contacts are also important times of spiritual growth (a process that is rarely easy), people frequently run into difficulties assimilating these energies. In part, this is because the planets involved mainly work through the deep unconscious parts of the psyche, giving their influences a deep, brooding, fateful twist upon our lives. These are often times of stress and challenge that powerfully alter the course of our lives, leaving its energetic mark upon us. For the people affected by these patterns, life was simply no longer the same after these times.

On the homeopathic principle of "like treats like", we created these HCW remedies to capture and preserve these unique energies. By using these remedies, the energies that were originally so disruptive for us can be assimilated at a more subtle level and incorporated into the fabric of everyday living. The awakening in consciousness that was such a challenge at first can be re-experienced in a gentle way over and over until it becomes second nature. This is why these remedies are such useful tools for spiritual growth purposes.

All these remedies were created by standard HCW techniques at the exact time these astrological events were active. Generally speaking, the method for capturing the energies was some type of "psychic furnace" technique. All the remedies are available in a 6x potency.

It's still too early to have a detailed profile of how these remedies affect people, but the few people who have tried them have reported very potent effects. The descriptions given should be considered my private observations of how I was influenced by these remedies, as well as a few of my friends, not blanket statements about the "true nature" of the essence. I suspect that different people may react in very individual ways, since everyone has a different birthchart. Nonetheless, these sketchy profiles should give you some ideas on how to use these remedies. As a rule of thumb, if your life "went bonkers" around the times listed for the original astrological event (or shortly thereafter), the corresponding remedy would be worth experimenting with. For myself, I routinely use these remedies for several months each as soon as I make them up, simply as a "spiritual growth" tool. They help me "ramp up" my own energies to the increasingly higher levels of these times. In blunt terms, these astrological essences are just plain good auric hygiene during very stressful and trying times of our lives.