The Q-Ching

"The Book of Changes (but the Quality remains the Same)"

Being the Chinese Book of Ancient Knowledge
on Matters Computational.


Lao Tse Kaud

Translations and Commentary by
Martin Bulgerin and Michael McCormick.


Key Background Articles:

In order to fully enter into the Q-Ching, it's best to understand some of the underlying symbolism of the oracle. The following articles should quickly get you started.

The Hexagrams of the Q-Ching:

Please note that since the process of excavating, preserving and translating the Q-Ching is still ongoing, a complete collection of all 64 hexagrams is not currently available. New hexagrams will be posted here as soon as the texts have been deciphered.
1. Returning
2. Testing
3. Golden Code
4. IBT
5. Process Guide
6. Consultant
7. The Elders
8. Line Conflict
17. Meetings
18. Insurrection
19. Quality
20. Blowing Off
21. Moving On
22. Gazing at the Sky
23. Fooled Again
24. Hello World
9. Infinite Loop
10. Bad Fix
11. Re-Org
12. Speaking Out
13. Paper Work
14. Fighting Fires
15.Burn Out
16. Self-Reflexive

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