Astrology Collection of HCW Remedies, List 1

The conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune in 1993 were some of the major transformative events of our lives. No one really knows yet what this period of time "means" (it may take the entire 171 year cycle to figure that one out), but the people who were tuned into this influence definitely had their lives turned upside down that year. These remedies should help those sensitive people come to grips with the new, spiritual energies unleashed in their lives during this year of transformation.

First Conjunction, 93-2-2, 19Cp34:

Under the theme "The best of all possible, imaginable worlds -- make it so!", my brother and I set up our psychic furnace. The aura all about us as we worked that night was intense, electric, and appeared slightly emerald green (due to Neptune's influence). The most common reaction people have when I place the bottle in their hand is, "What is This ?? " Their reaction to actually taking the remedy is even more intense. This conjunction ushered in an energy that causes a marked shift in consciousness, and this remedy helps us make that shift more easily. One consequence of this changed awareness is a phenomenon we dubbed "time shifts". After this conjunction, normal reality seemed to give way to a world that "shifted realities" roughly every 8 hours, leading to a perplexing series of endless changes. (The rate of these shifts seems to be even faster now!) This fast paced growth cycle can be very taxing, even disorienting, producing much emotional and physical stress. This remedy helps us keep our heads above water in the midst of intense spiritual growth.

Second Conjunction, 93-8-20, 18Cp48:

After 6 months of intense personal overhaul, most people I knew were either totally burned out from the stress or actually cracking under the strain. I heard from a friend that the psych wards in town were overflowing with new patients that week -- they literally had to set up beds in the hallways. I noticed an abnormal number of traffic accidents every time I left the house. Several other astrologers confirmed my impressions of a deep soul-weariness at the second conjunction. There was a prevailing feeling that the spiritual overhaul was getting too hard to cope with anymore. This remedy seems to address this feeling of spiritual battle-fatigue. It lightens the heart chakra and relieves tension in the rib cage. It makes me let out a deep sigh, making the burdens a little lighter and more managable. For people overwhelmed by '93, this potion should help.

Third Conjunction, 93-10-25, 18Cp33:

The final conjunction, after 9 months of intense transformation, seemed to tap into the energy of Uranus very strongly. It focuses the energy of the third eye (the sixth chakra), assisting the growth of a penetrating insight that sees past "mundane realities" into a deeper spiritual realm. It causes a shift in one's awareness and perceptions, even affecting the way things look (much sharper and brighter). This last conjunction marks the rebirth for many of us into a new spiritual realm. The remedy helps us realize our new identities as spiritual beings in physical bodies, stabilizing this perception of ourselves as incarnated souls. The essence has a remarkably crisp, "electric" feeling that must be experienced to be understood.

Conjunction Combo:

This is a blended mixture of the 3 individual conjunction remedies. The first time I took this one, I felt the entire 9 month period (a very tumultuous time in my life) replay in my memory within seconds, although it was from a detached, "higher" point of view compared to where I normally operate. It opens up numerous chakra points in quick succession, usually starting with the third eye and the heart. Being able to review the entire rebirth process from a new perspective is crucial to assimilating the changes into our lives. I suspect this remedy can have profound effects when used over a period of time for those people who had their lives turned topsy-turvy in '93. Several friends have already tried this one. Their first reaction is normally "Wow!!"

Heart of the Sea-Goat, 94-1-11, 21Cp31:

Many astrologers consider this new moon, 2 months after the last conjunction, to be the major trigger or aftershock of all this energy buildup. It features a rare lineup of 7 planets in late Capricorn, with the new moon right between Uranus and Neptune. We sat in our psychic furnace for nearly a half hour during this new moon, soaking up this potent energy and capturing it in the crystal. It's hard to reconstruct all the experiences my friend and I felt during that time; it was weird, disorienting, and all happened so fast. But we definitely felt like very different people after this "initiation" time. If the 3 conjunctions gave us insight into our new spiritual roles, this new moon was the "Go!" order to start doing it. I suspect this remedy will help those who are confused about their higher roles, or are having trouble reordering their lives to fulfill these new directions. It's a powerful cleanser of several chakras, opening one up to new awarenesses. This is potentially a very potent tool for inner growth.

Jupiter vs. SL9

The 8 day collision of the fragments of Comet Schumacher-Levy-9 with the giant planet Jupiter was an event without precedent in our experience. There were over 20 individual explosions in this sequence, many of the fireballs bigger than the entire United States. We used a rather passive technique during these 8 days to capture the energy, although the crystal was placed where it could receive Jupiter's direct rays every night. This remedy is highly energizing and stimulating overall, affecting the solar plexus and heart area specifically. It has a startling effect on the whole body-mind system, jolting you into wakefulness. I noticed a feeling of apprehension and concern in the air before the first collision, as though the collective psyche was worried about the impact of this influence. I suspect this remedy could prove useful in situations of unexpected trauma, where the person has trouble adjusting to overwhelming influences disrupting their life.