Homeopathic Crystal Water (HCW) Techniques

Main Topics:

In 1989, I first brought together a number of vibrational techniques to make what I now call the "Homeopathic Crystal Water" or HCW process. The beauty of this technique compared to flower essences or gem elixirs is that it allows you to make "designer vibrations" independent of particular flowers or crystals. In some instances, such as the HCWs of major astrological aspects or eclipses, the energy that is captured is a once-in-a-lifetime event that will never be repeated, even though the event leaves its mark on us for many years. I consider this work to be the "leading edge" of my vibrational research.

Outline of the HCW Process

HCW remedies are made in a rather lengthy 4 stage process. In addition, some HCWs are created as mixtures of individual remedies, requiring a 5th blending stage. The tools involved are quite simple. However, the methods used here sometimes require a high degree of sensitivitity to subtle energies that not everyone has developed yet. Your results with this process will depend upon your ability to sense and work with these energies.


The first step is to generate the desired subtle energy pattern and "capture" the energy in a crystal, usually a Herkimer Diamond (a particular kind of Quartz). This is often called "programming a crystal" in other contexts. There are numerous specialized techniques for working with the energies at this step, some described below.


The Herkimer is placed in a small glass bottle filled with spring water. The energy is then drawn out of the crystal into the water. The simplest way of doing this is to cup your hands on either side of the bottle and tune into the crystal via the strong chakra points in the palms of the hand. These days, we used a more refined method based on the "Phase 6" techniques we learned in our Ortho-Bionomy® training (a form of therapeutic bodywork that involves auric interactions, as well) to draw out the energy.


The bottle is then covered and placed in a window where it can gather sunlight (and other planetary energies) for at least a week. This seems to strengthen and stabilize the vibration in the water.


The usual homeopathic methods of potentizing a remedy are applied to the water produced in the first 3 steps to produce a 6x or 12x remedy. This involves diluting the remedy 1 part in 10 within a neutral carrier (pure vodka the first 5 times, a brandy and water mixture for the final time) and then succussing (or shaking) the bottle between your hands for 1-2 minutes. Potentizing seems to refine and perfect the original energy, making the vibration (even if initially harsh) easier for the body to accept. It also multiplies the original water, even a few milliliters, into a virtually unlimited quantity of the final remedy.


Some HCW remedies are created as mixtures of individual HCWs. These include Chakra Cocktail and some of the astrological events that repeated several times over an extended period of time. These "blended mixtures" require a final blending step. The individual HCWs that are to be blended are combined in equal portions by volume in a single bottle, then succussed one last time.

Using HCW Remedies

HCWs are used just like flower essences, namely a few drops (4 to7 is enough) on the tongue as needed. This dosage can be repeated several times a day. They can be used as an individual remedy, or in combinations with other remedies (such as a flower essence mixture).

Methods of Capturing Energies

The methods for generating a particular energy and capturing it in the crystal are quite numerous. Generally speaking though, they fall into 3 categories or some combination of them.


Innate programming techniques simply rely on the energies already present in a crystal, with no attempt to impose a vibration on it. Since each type of mineral has its own vibration, this provides a number of remedies similar to gem elixirs without much effort. Usually, I use the innate properties of a crystal to enhance other capture methods by choosing crystals that are already similar to the more particular vibration I'm attempting to create by other means. A similar approach is to simply put a Herkimer into a pure chemical substance (e.g., Vitamin C crystals) for a length of time until the crystal picks up the energy of that substance.


In passive programming methods, the person making the remedy uses their own body and energy fields to pick up and amplify some existing vibration and capture it in a Herkimer held in their hands. This type of method is especially useful for working with the transcient energies of powerful astrological configurations such as major aspects or eclipses. There is no attempt to interfere with the vibration, simply to resonate with it and capture it. The "psychic furnace" method is a particular version of passive capture techniques that is quite versatile.


With active programming, the person intentionally creates a particular type of energy within their own auric field via various energy working methods (such as visualization, mantras, use of mandala patterns, etc.) which is then retained in the crystal. Obviously, you need to really know what you're doing to make this work, but given a modest degree of energetic awareness, it is actually quite straightforward. The possibilities for creating "designer vibrations" are endless.

The Psychic Furnace Technique

As an example, let me describe our "psychic furnace" technique, a passive capture method. This was used for making most of the astrologically based HCW remedies. The "existing vibration" is created by the astrological event, bathing the entire earth. If astrology is correct, this vibration has an effect on human beings at the level of our subtle energy bodies. Hence we use our own bodies as "antennae" to tap into this planetary energy. Typically, a psychic furnace is created by 2 people sitting face-to-face with their hands joined. The powerful energy circuits through the arms and hands in the 2 people thus form a closed loop that can amplify any energies present in the room. By placing a Herkimer between the palms in one pair of clasped hands, the crystal becomes part of the circuit and acts as a storage device for the energies. The state of mind of the people is important during the capture -- they must remain open and sensitive to the energies, cooperating with the constant shifts that are going on, without consciously imposing anything on the process. This is a passive process. Active intervention will disturb or mutate the energy you're trying to collect.