The Eclipse Collection of HCW Remedies

Eclipses have a reputation for being extremely transformational influences in our lives. That's a euphemism for "they cause crisis situations" in most people's book. The changes that eclipses unleash are often unwelcome and sometimes impose hardships on us, but the end result is that they break up patterns in our lives that have become stagnant and restrictive. To the extent that people are resistant to change, prefering a comfortable status quo to continued growth, these eclipse energies can come across as a "traumatic influence" at the level of our subtle energy bodies. If you've ever experienced an eclipse or an entire year as "it threw me for a loop..." or "I've never been the same since...", you certainly understand the effects of this kind of energy trauma.

On the principle of "like cures like", I've been making HCW remedies that capture and refine these eclipse energies. By taking these eclipse remedies over a period of time, you can assimilate the original impulse at a deeper, more refined level -- and at your own speed. This seems to make it easier to come to terms with the eclipse influence and the changes it unleashes in your life. The feeling of being bowled over is gradually eliminated from the aura.

Obviously, everyone's birthchart is different, so an eclipse will affect each person in a unique fashion. Similarly, the effect of these eclipse remedies will likely be highly individualistic. This makes it difficult to give detailed "remedy profiles" of these HCW remedies, although the people who have tried them report somewhat similar effects. Rather than choosing to use an eclipse remedy based on its profile, the important criteria seem to be how strongly the eclipse affects your birthchart, and how much chaos was kicked off in your life by the eclipse and its aftermath. I would also highly recommend you experiment with any eclipses indicated by my Saros Therapy ideas.

Astrological information about the more recent eclipses can be found on the Eclipse and Current Transits pages. The issues described there for each eclipse should give you a feel of the "profile" for the corresponding Eclipse HCW remedy.

I've been collecting eclipse energies using HCW techniques since 1990, creating quite a collection over the years. Individual eclipses are available as 6x HCW remedies. Blended mixtures of all the eclipses for a given year (from 1991 on) are also available at year's end.

Saros Therapy

The ideas for Saros Therapy were developed in an advanced class I've been teaching recently. I was teaching a hand-picked group of students how to make HCW remedies on their own. For their first laboratory exercises, I had them work up a couple of eclipse remedies from my collection and then take the remedies and monitor their results. The eclipses each student worked with were chosen based on their birthchart (see the example below); no two students had the same remedies.

The way these eclipse remedies were chosen reflects my current understanding of how eclipses affect a person. It's a bit complicated to explain my choice method, so bear with me. It's actually simpler than it sounds.

For every birthchart, there are a pair of eclipses prior to the birthdate that are called prenatal eclipses for that person. These prenatal eclipses are the solar and lunar eclipses immediately prior to birth. Since humans are in the womb for 9 months and eclipses happen every 5-6 months, everyone has prenatal eclipses. They are major astrological indicators of the person's experiences in utero and how the soul is approaching the challenge of incarnating in a finite body. Any problems encountered during this time have important echos throughout all of life.

Now eclipses fall into related families known as Saros Families. Eclipses that fall every 18 years and 11 or so days apart are in the same Saros Family. I call such eclipses in the same family Saros Buddies of each other. Even though the charts for each eclipse are totally unique, there is still a family resemblance or underlying energy that connects all the family members. Working with one family member has a resonance with the entire family, so to speak.

A person will experience the Saros Buddies of their prenatal eclipses around the ages of 18, 36, 54, 72, ..., creating resonances in their lives related to their prenatal experiences. It's these buddies of the prenatal eclipses that we will be working with.

I'm happy to say that I've collected every eclipse from 1991 to the present, more than 18 years of capturing energies. That means the Eclipse Collection now has at least one remedy for every Saros Family that is now active. If you take an eclipse remedy from this collection that is a Saros Buddy to your own prenatal eclipses, you'll be releasing or working with your own prenatal potentials. In a nutshell, that is Saros Therapy.

Let me give an example of how this works in practice. I was born in August of 1954, so looking in an ephemeris, my prenatal eclipses are the total solar eclipse of 1954-6-30 and the partial lunar eclipse of 1954-7-16, both in the last 5 weeks of my gestation period. Let's take the solar case first. My prenatal solar eclipse is a member of the Saros Family S126. The next members of S126, the Saros Buddies, fall on 1972-7-10, 1990-7-22, 2008-8-1, 2026-8-12 and so on, all of them total solar eclipses. Curiously, my first attempt at capturing an eclipse as an HCW remedy was the 1990 member. Although I didn't realize it at the time, my first capture, during which I figured out the whole process for the first time, was a Saros Buddy of my prenatal eclipse. This 1990 eclipse was also an important date in my life for when I first commited myself to a healing path. Talk about releasing some karmic patterns! The 2008 eclipse has also been very powerful for me. As for the lunar side, my prenatal lunar eclipse belongs to family L138. The Saros Buddies are 1972-7-26, 1990-8-6, 2008-8-16, 2026-8-28, ..., all partial lunar eclipses. I missed capturing the 1990 one, unfortunately. The more recent 2008 eclipse was notable, since this was the first time I showed my students how to capture an eclipse (another karmic pattern?). It was an extraordinary afternoon for all of us.

(The reference books and web sites I use to make these calcuations are listed in the Bibliography section of my Eclipse Page.)

It's really hard to pin down exactly what Saros Therapy really does for a person, but all my students reported that their eclipse remedies had a powerful and transformative effect on them. I only wish they were able to verbalize their experiences more coherently. I'm extremely encouraged by the early results of working like this.