Ordering Info for all BPI Remedies

Except for the Garden Formula (which comes in a 2 ounce bottle for $18.00), all BPI flower essences and HCWs are available in a 25 ml. bottle (about 1 ounce) for $10.00. Minnesota residents, please add 7.775% sales tax ($.78 per bottle). If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by mail, phone or email (see the bottom of this page).

Please specify the following information with your order:

1) Your name and mailing address. It's best to include an area-code/phone-number or an email address to contact you, in case there is some problem with the order that we need to clear up.
(Note: We do not pass on our mailing and phone lists to anyone!)

2) A list of the remedies you want to order. (All BPI flower essences and gem elixirs are in the stock bottle potency. HCWs are in a 6x potency and some are in a 12x -- please indicate which potency you want if a choice is available!)

3) Indicate whether you want brandy or vegetable glycerin as a preservative. If you want the remedies to be non-alcohol, you must say "Use Glycerin!" If you don't tell me one way or another, brandy will be used.

4) Figure shipping and handling charges:

5) Include a check made out to "BPI" for the remedies ($10.00 per bottle) + sales tax (MN residents only, 7.775%) + shipping and handling charges. Check must use US funds.

6) Mail your order to BPI at the address listed below. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Please note: Until further notice, I am only able to ship within the US. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Custom Mixtures of Flower Essences:

Customized mixtures of flower essences and/or HCWs in the medicine (dosage) bottle potency are also available. It's best to restrict the number of remedies in the mixture to about 5 (definitely no more than 8!). Remedies from the following kits can be requested in a mixture: Bach Flowers, Flower Essence Society (FES) remedies, Australian Bush Flowers, any BPI flower essence or HCW. All the remedies you list will be mixed into one medicine bottle and counts as one bottle ($10.00) for ordering purposes.

I would highly recommend consulting with a qualified flower essence consultant (such as myself) when making a mixture if you are not used to working with these remedies.