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Big News: We moved to a new office space at the end of 2016. All classes and private sessions will be at the new place at 3249 Hennepin Ave. S., Suite 235.

Classes for early 2017 are being scheduled. If you have known scheduling contacts, please let me know and I'll try to work around them. Check my class info for details on these classes.

BPI was formed by Martin Bulgerin in 1987 to explore and report on the subtle, energetic side of life. This search has led us into various healing arts and arcane studies for bringing the body/mind to a more refined state and for understanding the world about us at a deeper level. One of these important tools is Astrology, the language of energy and life. Another is the use of Flower Essences (and other similar remedies) to work with these energies for the purposes of healing and spiritual growth. Our study of Ortho-Bionomy®, a gentle but powerful form of energy-based physical bodywork, has also been an important influence.


These pages are updated monthly, so check here frequently.

Flower Essences and HCWs

Vibrational remedies to transform body, mind and soul.

Activities at BPI:

  • Classes, Products, Services -- Astrology and Flower Essence classes for 2014 are now listed. (Updated: 2015-4-20)
  • Contact Info -- How to reach BPI, including a map and directions to our offices.

Misc. Topics:

  • Who are we? -- Despite rumors to the contrary, we are probably not aliens.
  • Navigation Tips -- An overall look at how this site is organized and how to move around in it.