Chakra Cocktail and The Chakra Collection

The remedies in the Chakra Collection were my first attempts at making HCW remedies, and they thoroughly convinced me of the value of this process. I created and captured a series of energies tuned to each of the major chakra centers, using a combination of techniques including the visualization of mandalas and the chanting of mantras related to the chakra, as well as using particular crystals that have an affinity for the chakra energy. The final remedies created by this process have a remarkable ability to stimulate and strengthen the individual chakra energies in your body, making it much easier to become consciously aware of these subtle vibrations. The blended mixture of this group of remedies, called Chakra Cocktail, is a powerful awakener of the entire subtle body. All of these remedies are available in both 6x and 12x potencies, with the 12x being a more refined and subtle influence.

Chakra Cocktail

This amazing remedy is a blended mixture of all 7 chakra remedies along with Sugilite that are described below. It helps to open up all the centers at once, then gets the energy moving. The entire aura feels brighter and more vibrant. Taken over a period of time on a daily basis, it helps promote a permanent shift in consciousness. Several herbal teachers I know routinely send all their students over to get some Chakra Cocktail, as it increases their sensitivity and awareness towards the subtle forces they are talking about in class. The 6x potency seems to work on a more "concrete" level, and is useful for working with physical complaints. The 12x potency is more subtle and deep acting, making it more suitable for emotional clearing. This remedy is the most popular one I make, far out-selling all the others in my collection. If you get only one of the chakra remedies, this should be the one!

1st Chakra

In addition to the visualizations and mantras, I used obsidian and red jasper to create a root chakra energy. This remedy is very grounding and calming, drawing your energy down to the base of the spine. This release of tension has a regenerating effect on the entire body, especially when you've been experiencing a lot of stress recently. It's helpful when you're feeling "spacey" or ungrounded, as it brings you out of your head and reconnects you with your physical body. Very relaxing at the end of a long day.

2nd Chakra

This is the "sexual chakra", centered in the pelvis, which made for an interesting energy capture session. Peach adventurine, a 2nd chakra stone, was used to enhance the energy. This remedy has a very "liquid" feeling to it, releasing muscular tension in the pelvic area and unlocking emotions (especially those related to intimacy issues). One woman who was trying to conceive a child used this remedy regularly and was quite pleased with the results. Over time, it helps you open up emotionally to others.

3rd Chakra

This is the center of strength and power in the body, helping to counter feelings of helplessness and stifled power. It's a good antidote to "ego problems" of both extremes, both the swollen head and the shrinking violet. It also has a marked influence on the digestive system (the alchemical fires in the belly that transform food into life force), especially when the digestive organs are feeling sluggish. It awakens the spiritual warrior in the soul. Citrine and tiger's eye were used to enhance these energies.

4th Chakra

This remedy opens up the heart chakra, freeing up the emotions and enabling you to love others better. It relaxes muscular tension in the rib cage area, which can inhibit the breath and quickly lower your overall consciousness. It has a very liberating influence on a person, as the feelings are no longer being held in check and the "emotional stonewalls" we erect to keep others at arm's length are brought down. Rose quartz and green adventurine were used here.

5th Chakra

The throat area and the 5th chakra seems to be an endless source of chronic problems these days for people of a spiritual bent. It's as though your subtle energies get blocked in the throat area when pure love must actually be expressed openly. This remedy is great for those who are reticent or afraid to speak their truth. This kind of holding back manifests as muscle tension in the throat, jaw, and around the voice box, which the remedy helps release. It's very good for TMJ problems. One woman who tried this remedy reported her body felt like it "vibrated" all night long. It enhances the ability to communicate and move out into the world, and possibly affects the metabolism (via the thyroid gland). I used blue lace agate and turquoise to enhance this remedy. It also sat in my window collecting sunshine through 2 separate eclipses, which surely increased the power of this formula.

6th Chakra

The third eye is the source of wisdom and insight. This remedy helps you break through old mental patterns and see the world in a new light. It enhances your intuition and improves your powers of visualization. It relaxes the forehead (especially between the eyebrows) and the upper head in general. There's a subtle effect on the eyes and vision, making the world appear brighter and livelier. Lapis and sodalite helped here.

7th Chakra

The crown chakra is where we open up to the spiritual forces in the universe around us. When this center is closed down, you are shut off from these forces. You feel cut off and unable to tap into these higher energies. Sometimes this shows up as a tendency towards headaches where there is banded tension across the forehead or over the top of the head. When this remedy is taken, one immediately feels the top of the head open up. There's a sensation on the head like the points of a crown reaching up to the sky. This chakra, when fully awakened, is the source of the highest states of consciousness humans can attain. Amethyst was used to make this remedy.


Sugilite is a crystal with the peculiar property of clearing out the energy channels connecting the chakras, allowing the energy within to flow smoothly. Once the centers have been awakened, this remedy helps all that energy to get moving. It helps to integrate the effects of all the other chakra remedies, by bringing together all the individual centers into one system. When I take this remedy, I feel a definite tingling along my entire spine, a symptom that I've learned to associate with an increased kundalini flow. The entire aura lights up as all the chakras wake up.