Miscellaneous Homeopathic Crystal Water Remedies

Vitamin Vibes

Many vitamins are pure chemical crystals as well as living compounds. As such, they are powerful sources of vibrational energy. We passively charged up some crystals for these remedies simply by putting them right in a bottle of vitamins for a few weeks, creating some interesting remedies. I suspect these remedies may even help the body assimilate these vitamins better, an effect often seen with homeopathic remedies, but I have no evidence of that for sure. Available in 6x only.

Vitamin C

Curiously, C affects the third eye markedly. It's a very high frequency vibration that really gets the higher chakras buzzing.

Vitamin B-6

A very relaxing, tranquilizing vibration. B-6 works by calming the nervous system and releasing stress.

Pantothenic Acid

An important tool for dealing with the effects of stress on the body and psyche. It releases blocked energies instantly and clears them out of the aura. Seems to be supportive of the adrenals in particular, and can be helpful when working with allergies.

In the Bottom of the Grab Bag

OK, so sometimes we're just a bit silly...


We poured all our wishes and desires for what makes us happy into a crystal one evening and made this remedy. It's interesting that when people take this one, they instinctively smile or giggle a little "for no reason". We could all use a little happiness in our lives! In 6x.


A friend once said to me, "Too bad you can't bottle your hugs!" (Yes, they're good.) I shot back, "We've got the technology!" We were able to capture the mood of a 10 minute hug in a herkimer between our hearts. I've given this remedy to many friends and they all seem to appreciate the "warm fuzzy" it contains. 6x only.