The Four Elements

The 4 elements are an idea that shows up in many mystical systems, such as astrology or the tarot. Each element symbolizes a different state of awareness or ability of the psyche to know or interact with the world. To make these remedies, I actively programmed a herkimer (a type of clear quartz crystal) with visualizations that capture the essence of each elemental force. No additional crystals were used to enhance the effect. Curiously, even though these remedies are chemically identical, many people report they feel and even taste different! In addition to their use as vibrational remedies for therapeutic purposes, I sometimes use them in my personal rituals. They have a unique ability to enhance the elemental energies of the 4 cardinal directions -- use your imagination! I also use them in my advanced classes when I'm introducing students to sensing basic energies. Available in 6x only.


This is a warm, active, bright vibration, filling a person with energy and drive. It strengthens the solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra) and stimulates the digestive tract. This remedy brings out the spiritual warrior in you. Many people say it has a slight cinnamon taste.


This remedy is very grounding and stabilizing. It calms and soothes the nerves and draws your energy down to the base of the spine. It does bring on a sense of inertia, however, as though you are rooted to the ground and can't (or don't want to) move. Very relaxing when you're feeling stressed out or out of touch with the world.


This remedy opens the heart chakra, calming the emotions and clearing the thought processes. It is very light and cooling, almost like a breeze gently blowing past the heart. The senses feel clearer and more focused. It also relaxes the muscles of the rib cage, which frees up the breath and raises you up to a higher state of consciousness. I've seen one case of a woman with chronic shortness of breath who was markedly helped with this remedy.


This is the most "liquid" liquid I have ever tasted! It soothes the emotions and opens you up to love and attraction to others. When I take it, I feel slow, rhythmic, rocking motions throughout my body, particularly in the pelvic area. Such wavelike motion is very characteristic of Water. There's a sensation in the body as if it's bringing extra moisture and water into the tissues. Very calming, definitely a "cool fuzzy" energy.