Gem Elixirs Available from BPI


Celestite is a pale blue form of quartz. It resonates most easily with the upper centers, especially the throat chakra, although it can also be felt in the upper chest and third eye regions. It seems effective at bringing "held emotions" in these centers to the surface for release, the unspoken "stuff" we all carry around that weighs us down. As this dead-weight is removed, a feeling of lightness and calm replaces it.


Gold has a potent effect on the heart and thymus. It purifies and balances the emotions, and has a general healing effect on the body (through the immune and endocrine systems). Besides opening up the heart chakra, it clarifies and "brightens up" the third eye and crown chakras, as well, exposing one to higher spiritual forces. I've been using Gold often to help people who stifle their creative expression with others, hiding their more exuberant side behind a wall of reserve or timidity. It's not so much for letting other people into your heart as for letting yourself out by opening up your heart.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis, a dark blue stone with flecks of gold that resembles the night sky, was a highly prized sacred stone to the Egyptians. It awakens the upper chakras, especially the third eye, in a very dramatic way. There's a clarity of vision and a calmness of mind upon taking a few drops. Both the stone and the gem elixir have a reputation for enhancing psychic abilities, which is common when the third eye is supported. This would be a useful remedy for people doing extensive spiritual work (though you'd probably want to use it in combination with more grounding remedies to avoid imbalancing the system).


Every book I've seen discussing Moldavite notes its strong association with contacting UFOs and alien intelligences -- I haven't seen much calling for those clinical symptoms yet. More usefully, it's supposed to catalyze various life transformations depending on the individual's soul needs, to help you break out of deadening ruts when you're stuck. The energies of this elixir are subtle and hard to pin down, but there seems to be a generalized feeling of opening up or breaking down old patterns. It's helpful for people who are trying to find their calling in life.


When you are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by life, Obsidian is one of the best remedies for grounding yourself. You can feel your energies drop to a slower rhythm immediately, and the agitated chit-chat of the mind becomes quieter. It concentrates on the root (1st) chakra, drawing your energy to the base of the spine, which brings you back into your body. A very calming, relaxing influence at the end of a long day.


I made this elixir during a workshop out at Sandhill School. I set up my pan right on some ley lines that ran through their garden, so there are some powerful earth energies captured in this remedy as well. Turquoise is described by Gurudas as a general toner and healer of the entire body, clearing out all the energy centers, and assisting the assimilation of nutrients. He suggests it is also good protection from environmental pollutants and background radiation. It opens up the heart and throat areas, in particular. It sounds like a good healing remedy to assist many other remedies.