Garden Formula

Our Garden Formula is a mixture of flower essences and HCWs designed to help your garden and house plants. Just add it to your watering can whenever you water your plants to give them a supportive pick-me-up during any phase of their life cycle. It's especially important to give them a helping hand during crucial "transition times" of their lives, such as seed planting, transplanting, flowering, or harvest time.

Some of the essences in this formula specifically enhance the uptake of water* and nutrients from the soil to promote better growth. Others help with the laying down of a good root system, teaching the plant how to feel more "grounded" and at home in their own garden niche. There are remedies to show the plant how to be more fruitful and fulfill the typical growth pattern native to its species. Some of the remedies give support during "transitions" in their life cycles -- especially important during transplanting to prevent transplant shock! And there are even a few essences to help the plants "tune in" to the more subtle energetic parts of their environment, such as the ongoing astrological influences or the plant devas that look after our green friends.

(* Curiously, this water absorbing property applies to the gardener, as well! Normally, when you work in the dirt, your hands tend to dry out. But several people have noted that when using the Garden Formula, contact with their skin leaves their hands moist and supple. Just think what it's doing for your plants!)

The last time I made a bottle of this Garden Formula for our new seedlings, I had the interesting sensation of a tap root descending from my tail-bone into the ground as I shook up the bottle. From this auric tap root, a beautiful and overwhelming sensation of life-energy came flooding into my body. This same energy is what supports your plants during its growth cycles.

Garden Formula comes in 2 ounce bottles (probably enough to last the average gardener all summer) for $18.00 (plus 7.775% MN sales tax) -- see our ordering information page for details.

Let the wisdom of Nature and the gentle power of the flowers put the "Green Thumb" back in your garden!