Vesta rules over a core sense of identity and independence, a kind of faithfulness to yourself that allows no compromise or selling out. You are focused or centered in yourself, able to tap into the great powers of the self when you act out of truthfulness and integrity. When Vesta is in reverse, this fidelity to yourself is tested. Situations come up that force you to decide how much integrity really means to you and how much you'd rather "slide through life". She teaches us to be beholden to nobody, to stand up and be responsible for ourselves, to demand the best of every experience.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-7-242001-10-9 at 13Gm292002-1-14 at 27Ta472002-3-31
2002-12-52003-2-11 at 12Li352003-5-10 at 28Vi212003-7-15
2004-5-202004-7-27 at 28Pi232004-10-27 at 13Pi532005-1-6
2005-9-32005-11-18 at 23Cn122006-2-23 at 7Cn312006-5-8
2007-2-152007-4-18 at 15Sa062007-7-11 at 2Sa212007-9-12
2008-6-282008-9-10 at 14Ta582008-12-15 at 29Ar332009-2-28
2009-10-222010-1-3 at 6Vi392010-4-6 at 21Le362010-6-15
2011-4-172011-6-21 at 19Aq402011-9-17 at 6Aq082011-11-23
2012-8-52012-10-21 at 25Gm342013-1-26 at 9Gm502013-4-12
2013-12-262014-3-1 at 29Li592014-5-27 at 16Li242014-7-30
2015-6-22015-8-12 at 13Ar342015-11-13 at 28Pi342016-1-24
2016-9-162016-12-1 at 5Le422017-3-7 at 20Cn072017-5-19
2018-3-72018-5-8 at 4Cp542018-8-1 at 22Sa082018-10-2
2019-7-102019-9-23 at 27Ta392019-12-29 at 12Ta052020-3-14
2020-11-92021-1-19 at 21Vi232021-4-20 at 6Vi412021-6-27
2022-5-22022-7-7 at 6Pi532022-10-5 at 22Aq582022-12-12
2023-8-172023-11-2 at 7Cn302024-2-8 at 21Gm442024-4-23
2025-1-162025-3-21 at 18Sc272025-6-14 at 5Sc212025-8-16
2026-6-142026-8-25 at 27Ar482026-11-28 at 12Ar402027-2-9
2027-10-12027-12-15 at 18Le332028-3-19 at 3Le072028-5-30
2029-3-262029-5-27 at 24Cp472029-8-21 at 11Cp482029-10-24
2030-7-212030-10-5 at 10Gm062031-1-11 at 24Ta262031-3-28

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