Uranus is the planet of insight and revolutionary change, the lit dynamite stick about to blow apart existing structures. When Uranus goes into reverse gear, some area of your life that's gotten too cozy and settled is under intense pressure to transform. Frequently, this involves a marked shift in mental outlook or attitudes, taking a radical new look at things you once took for granted. The changes can be exciting, although the stress of letting go of something familiar may be strong. Be extra flexible during this time. Pay attention to "unexpected coincidences" and "accidents" now, as they can be the clues that point you in the directions you need to pursue.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2000-2-72000-5-25 at 20Aq492000-10-26 at 16Aq542001-2-9
2001-2-102001-5-29 at 24Aq502001-10-30 at 20Aq542002-2-13
2002-2-142002-6-2 at 28Aq502002-11-4 at 24Aq542003-2-18
2003-2-192003-6-7 at 2Pi492003-11-8 at 28Aq542004-2-22
2004-2-232004-6-10 at 6Li482004-11-11 at 2Pi522005-2-25
2005-2-262005-6-14 at 10Pi462005-11-15 at 6Pi502006-3-2
2006-3-22006-6-19 at 14Pi432006-11-20 at 10Pi482007-3-6
2007-3-62007-6-23 at 18Pi412007-11-24 at 14Pi462008-3-9
2008-3-102008-6-26 at 22Pi392008-11-27 at 18Pi442009-3-13
2009-3-142009-7-1 at 26Pi372009-12-1 at 22Pi422010-3-17
2010-3-182010-7-5 at 0Ar352010-12-5 at 26Pi402011-3-22
2011-3-222011-7-9 at 4Ar332011-12-10 at 0Ar382012-3-25
2012-3-262012-7-13 at 8Ar322012-12-13 at 4Ar362013-3-29
2013-3-302013-7-17 at 12Ar312013-12-17 at 8Ar352014-4-2
2014-4-32014-7-21 at 16Ar302014-12-21 at 12Ar342015-4-7
2015-4-82014-7-26 at 20Ar302015-12-25 at 16Ar332016-4-10
2016-4-112016-7-29 at 24Ar302016-12-29 at 20Ar332017-4-14
2017-4-152017-8-2 at 28Ar312018-1-2 at 24Ar342018-4-18
2018-4-202018-8-7 at 2Ts332019-1-6 at 28Ar352019-4-23
2019-4-242019-8-11 at 6Ta362020-1-10 at 2Ta382020-4-26
2020-4-282020-8-15 at 10Ta412021-1-14 at 6Ta432021-4-30
2021-5-22021-8-19 at 14Ta472022-1-18 at 10Ta492022-5-4
2022-5-72022-8-24 at 18Ta552023-1-22 at 14Ta562023-5-9
2023-5-122023-8-28 at 23Ta042024-1-27 at 19Ta052024-5-12
2024-5-152024-9-1 at 27Ta152025-1-30 at 23Ta152025-5-16
2025-5-202025-9-5 at 1Gm272026-2-3 at 27Ta272026-5-21
2026-5-242026-9-10 at 5Gm412027-2-8 at 1Gm402027-5-25
2027-5-292027-9-15 at 9Gm572028-2-12 at 5Gm552028-5-29
2028-6-22028-9-18 at 14Gm142029-2-16 at 10Gm122029-6-2
2029-6-72029-9-23 at 18Gm332030-2-20 at 14Gm302030-6-7
2030-6-122030-9-28 at 22Gm532031-2-25 at 18Gm502031-6-11

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