Pluto cycles are lessons in letting go. Most of us identify strongly with things, people, and ideas that really have nothing to do with who we really are. Pluto comes along and strips away these false identifications, helping us discover our authentic selves. Sometimes there's a tendency to get a little power crazed during these cycles, but it's always best to operate in the most selfless manner possible. Trying to manipulate people or situations for personal gain now will invariably produce some kind of backlash in the end. Prepare yourself to be remade to your depths.

Note that these retrograde zones overlap slightly. In these overlap regions, Pluto passes over 5 times, not 3!

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2000-11-292001-3-17 at 15Sa172001-8-23 at 12Sa322001-12-11
2001-12-12002-3-20 at 17Sa382002-8-26 at 14Sa542002-12-14
2002-12-42003-3-22 at 19Sa572003-8-28 at 17Sa142003-12-17
2003-12-62004-3-24 at 22Sa152004-8-30 at 19Sa322004-12-19
2004-12-72005-3-26 at 24Sa312005-9-2 at 21Sa492005-12-21
2005-12-92006-3-29 at 26Sa452006-9-4 at 24Sa042006-12-24
2006-12-112007-3-31 at 28Sa572007-9-7 at 26Sa172007-12-26
2007-12-142008-4-2 at 1Cp082008-9-8 at 28Sa292008-12-28
2008-12-152009-4-4 at 3Cp172009-9-11 at 0Cp392009-12-31
2009-12-172010-4-6 at 5Cp252010-9-13 at 2Cp472011-1-3
2010-12-192011-4-9 at 7Cp302011-9-16 at 4Cp532012-1-5
2011-12-212012-4-10 at 9Cp332012-9-17 at 6Cp572013-1-7
2012-12-222013-4-12 at 11Cp352013-9-20 at 8Cp592014-1-10
2013-12-242014-4-14 at 13Cp342014-9-22 at 10Cp592015-1-12
2014-12-262015-4-16 at 15Cp322015-9-25 at 12Cp582016-1-14
2015-12-282016-4-18 at 17Cp282016-9-26 at 14Cp552017-1-16
2016-12-292017-4-20 at 19Cp232017-9-28 at 16Cp512018-1-18
2017-12-302018-4-22 at 21Cp172018-9-30 at 18Cp452019-1-21
2019-1-12019-4-24 at 23Cp082019-10-3 at 20Cp372020-1-23
2020-1-32020-4-25 at 24Cp592020-10-4 at 22Cp282021-1-24
2021-1-42021-4-27 at 26Cp482021-10-6 at 24Cp182022-1-27
2022-1-52022-4-29 at 28Cp352022-10-8 at 26Cp062023-1-29
2023-1-72023-5-1 at 0Aq212023-10-10 at 27Cp532024-1-31
2024-1-92024-5-2 at 2Aq062024-10-11 at 29Cp382025-2-2
2025-1-92025-5-4 at 3Aq482025-10-13 at 1Aq212026-2-4
2026-1-112026-5-6 at 5Aq302026-10-15 at 3Aq032027-2-6
2027-1-132027-5-8 at 7Aq102027-10-17 at 4Aq442028-2-8
2028-1-152028-5-9 at 8Aq492028-10-18 at 6Aq242029-2-9
2029-1-152029-5-10 at 10Aq262029-10-20 at 8Aq022030-2-11
2030-1-172030-5-12 at 12Aq032030-10-22 at 9Aq392031-2-14

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