Pallas relates to themes of creativity, initiative and planning. Frequently, Pallas retrograde is a time when you must concentrate more fully on some creative endeavor. There's often a need to rethink your plans and come up with a new approach to some situation. It may seem like there's a conflict between the head and the heart, although it's possible to go beyond this apparent conflict and have it both ways. You may be experiencing troubles adjusting to situations where you don't naturally fit in, requiring compromise or creative resolution on your part. This is often a "mental" period when the emotional life takes a back seat to something more important.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-1-122001-4-5 at 16Sa002001-7-18 at 27Sc142001-10-14
2002-3-112002-6-13 at 29Aq082002-10-8 at 10Aq382003-1-14
2003-5-162003-8-22 at 28Ar432003-12-6 at 9Ar192004-2-22
2004-11-152005-2-1 at 12Li372005-5-11 at 23Vi232005-8-5
2006-2-102006-5-7 at 19Cp372006-8-24 at 0Cp492006-11-26
2007-3-282007-7-5 at 19Pi232007-10-31 at 0Pi512009-2-2
2008-8-142008-10-26 at 20Gm392009-1-14 at 4Gm002009-3-17
2009-12-212010-3-14 at 23Sc022010-6-24 at 4Sc082010-9-18
2011-3-12011-5-31 at 15Aq492011-9-23 at 27Cp112011-12-30
2012-4-212012-7-30 at 11Ar292012-11-20 at 22Pi262013-2-14
2013-10-292014-1-6 at 13Vi442014-4-8 at 24Le582014-6-30
2015-1-262015-4-19 at 0Cp262015-8-3 at 11Sa382015-11-1
2016-3-172016-6-21 at 7Pi192016-10-17 at 18Aq512017-1-21
2017-6-112017-9-11 at 14Ta162017-12-17 at 25Ar052018-2-26
2018-11-292019-2-18 at 29Li292019-5-30 at 10Li222019-8-24
2020-2-192020-5-17 at 0Aq572020-9-5 at 12Cp122020-12-10
2021-4-52021-7-14 at 27Pi432021-11-8 at 9Pi032022-2-7
2022-9-292022-11-30 at 26Cn332023-2-16 at 10Cn252023-4-23
2024-1-62024-3-29 at 8Sa352024-7-9 at 19Sc462024-10-4
2025-3-72025-6-9 at 25Aq132025-10-4 at 6Aq392026-1-9
2026-5-62026-8-14 at 22Ar382026-11-30 at 3Ar172027-2-19
2027-11-102028-1-24 at 4Li182028-5-1 at 15Vi022028-7-26
2029-2-62029-5-2 at 14Cp302029-8-18 at 25Sa392029-11-18
2030-3-242030-6-30 at 16Pi062030-10-27 at 27Aq352031-1-30

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