Neptune is the ruler of dreams and ideals, as well as a sensitivity to the subtler dimensions of living. Retrograde Neptune is a time to reassess these guiding visions in our lives. Even the most noble purpose can become a limiting straitjacket or misguided passion when it has outlived its usefulness. This is a time of confusion and reevaluation, a time when our self-image as a "knight in shining armor" shows some rust and tarnish. Above all, this is a time to distinguish between true vision and a glamorous self-deception. The element of selflessness is very important with Neptune, so don't get hung up about being a supporting actor instead of the main star.

Note that these retrograde zones overlap slightly. In these overlap regions, Neptune passes over 5 times, not 3!

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2000-1-172000-5-8 at 6Aq352000-10-15 at 3Aq482001-2-3
2001-1-182001-5-10 at 8Aq472001-10-17 at 6Aq002002-2-5
2002-1-212002-5-13 at 10Aq592002-10-20 at 8Aq122003-2-8
2003-1-232003-5-15 at 13Aq112003-10-22 at 10Aq242004-2-10
2004-1-262004-5-17 at 15Aq242004-10-24 at 12Aq372005-2-12
2005-1-272005-5-19 at 17Aq362005-10-26 at 14Aq492006-2-14
2006-1-302006-5-22 at 19Aq492006-10-29 at 17Aq022007-2-16
2007-2-12007-5-24 at 22Aq022007-10-31 at 19Aq152008-2-19
2008-2-42008-5-26 at 24Aq152008-11-2 at 21Aq282009-2-20
2009-2-52009-5-28 at 26Aq282009-11-4 at 23Aq412010-2-22
2010-2-82010-5-31 at 28Aq412010-11-7 at 25Aq552011-2-25
2011-2-102011-6-3 at 0Pi552011-11-9 at 28Aq082012-2-27
2012-2-122012-6-4 at 3Pi092012-11-11 at 0Pi212013-3-1
2013-2-142013-6-7 at 5Pi222013-11-13 at 2Pi352014-3-3
2014-2-162014-6-9 at 7Pi362014-11-16 at 4Pi482015-3-6
2015-2-192015-6-12 at 9Pi492015-11-18 at 7Pi012016-3-8
2016-2-212016-6-13 at 12Pi022016-11-19 at 9Pi142017-3-10
2017-2-232017-6-16 at 14Pi162017-11-22 at 11Pi282018-3-12
2018-2-262018-6-18 at 16Pi292018-11-24 at 13Pi422019-3-15
2019-2-282019-6-21 at 18Pi432019-11-27 at 15Pi552020-3-16
2020-3-22020-6-22 at 20Pi572020-11-28 at 18Pi102021-3-18
2021-3-42021-6-25 at 23Pi122021-12-1 at 20Pi242022-3-21
2022-3-72022-6-28 at 25Pi262022-12-3 at 22Pi392023-3-23
2023-3-92023-6-30 at 27Pi412023-12-6 at 24Pi532024-3-25
2024-3-112024-7-2 at 29Pi562024-12-7 at 27Pi082025-3-28
2025-3-132025-7-4 at 2Ar102025-12-10 at 29Pi222026-3-30
2026-3-162026-7-7 at 4Ar252026-12-12 at 1Ar372027-4-2
2027-3-182027-7-9 at 6Ar402027-12-15 at 3Ar512028-4-4
2028-3-192028-7-11 at 8Ar542028-12-16 at 6Ar052029-4-6
2029-3-222029-8-13 at 11Ar082029-12-19 at 8Ar202030-4-8
2030-3-242030-7-16 at 13Ar232030-12-21 at 10Ar342031-4-11

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