The swift moving planet Mercury goes into reverse gear more frequently than any other planet, about 3 or 4 times a year. The dreaded "Mercury Retrograde" disrupts the thinking mind, communications, the ability to come to agreements with others, decision making, etc. It's best not to make important decisions while Mercury is moving backwards, and all plans should be reviewed later to find the gaping holes in logic that often creep in.

P.S. -- Back up the hard-drive on your computer before Mercury goes retrograde! Computers frequently fail during these cycles.

2000 to 2009

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-1-192001-2-3 at 0Pi422001-2-25 at 15Aq252001-3-17
2001-5-192001-6-3 at 29Gm582001-6-27 at 21Gm162001-7-12
2001-9-112001-10-1 at 29Li412001-10-22 at 14Li122001-11-7
2002-1-22002-1-18 at 14Aq292002-2-8 at 28Cp382002-2-28
2002-5-12002-5-15 at 9Gm592002-6-8 at 1Gm212002-6-23
2002-8-262002-9-14 at 13Li152002-10-6 at 29Vi192002-10-21
2002-12-162003-1-2 at 28Cp282003-1-22 at 12Cp182003-2-11
2003-4-122003-4-26 at 20Ta332003-5-20 at 11Ta072003-6-5
2003-8-82003-8-28 at 26Vi192003-9-20 at 12Vi122003-10-4
2003-11-292003-12-17 at 12Cp342004-1-6 at 26Sa162004-1-25
2004-3-232004-4-6 at 1Ta562004-4-30 at 21Ar072004-5-17
2004-7-212004-8-9 at 8Vi462004-9-2 at 25Le442004-9-16
2004-11-112004-11-30 at 26Sa452004-12-20 at 10Sa272005-1-7
2005-3-52005-3-19 at 14Ar062005-4-12 at 1Ar452005-4-30
2005-7-42005-7-22 at 20Le282005-8-15 at 8Le452005-8-29
2005-10-252005-11-13 at 10Sa562005-12-3 at 24Sc442005-12-21
2006-2-162006-3-2 at 26Pi552006-3-25 at 13Pi112006-4-13
2006-6-172006-7-4 at 1Le222006-7-28 at 21Cn032006-8-11
2006-10-82006-10-28 at 25Sc042006-11-17 at 9Sc032006-12-4
2007-1-302007-2-13 at 10Pi132007-3-7 at 25Aq242007-3-27
2007-5-302007-6-15 at 11Cn352007-7-9 at 2Cn282007-7-24
2007-9-212007-10-11 at 9Sc042007-11-1 at 23Li212007-11-17
2008-1-132008-1-28 at 23Aq522008-2-18 at 8Aq192008-3-10
2008-5-112008-5-26 at 21Gm322008-6-19 at 12Gm582008-7-4
2008-9-32008-9-24 at 22Li502008-10-15 at 7Li332008-10-30
2008-12-262009-1-11 at 7Aq452009-2-1 at 21Cp442009-2-21
2009-4-222009-5-6 at 1Gm442009-5-30 at 22Ta522009-6-15
2009-8-172009-9-6 at 6Li132009-9-29 at 21Vi362009-10-14
2009-12-92009-12-26 at 21Cp472010-1-15 at 5Cp332010-2-4

2010 to 2019

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2010-4-42010-4-17 at 12Ta372010-5-11 at 2Ta392010-5-28
2010-7-312010-8-20 at 19Vi032010-8-12 at 5Vi212010-9-27
2010-11-212010-12-10 at 5Cp562010-12-30 at 19Sa372011-1-17
2011-3-162011-3-30 at 24Ar212011-4-23 at 12Ar532011-5-11
2011-7-142011-8-2 at 1Vi122011-8-26 at 18Le412011-9-9
20011-11-52011-11-24 at 20Sa072011-12-13 at 3Sa512012-1-1
2012-2-272012-3-12 at 6Ar492012-4-4 at 23Pi502012-4-23
2012-6-272012-7-14 at 12Le322012-8-8 at 1Le252012-8-22
2012-10-182012-11-6 at 4Sa182012-11-26 at 18Sc102012-12-14
2013-2-82013-2-23 at 19Pi522013-3-17 at 5Pi372013-4-6
2013-6-102013-6-26 at 23Cn062013-7-20 at 13Cn212013-8-3
2013-10-12013-10-21 at 18Sc232013-11-10 at 2Sc292013-11-27
2014-1-222014-2-6 at 3Pi202014-2-28 at 18Aq092014-3-20
2014-5-232014-6-7 at 3Cn102014-7-1 at 24Gm222014-7-16
2014-9-142014-10-4 at 2Sc182014-10-25 at 16Li452014-11-10
2015-1-52015-1-21 at 17Aq052015-2-11 at 1Aq172015-3-3
2015-5-42015-5-18 at 13Gm082015-6-11 at 4Gm332015-6-26
2015-8-282015-9-17 at 15Li552015-10-9 at 0Li532015-10-24
2015-12-192016-1-5 at 1Aq022016-1-25 at 14Cp542016-2-14
2016-4-142016-4-28 at 23Ta362016-5-22 at 14Ta202016-6-7
2016-8-102016-8-30 at 29Vi042016-9-22 at 14Vi492016-10-6
2016-12-12016-12-19 at 15Cp072017-1-8 at 28Sa502017-1-27
2017-3-262017-4-9 at 4Ta502017-5-3 at 24Ar152017-5-20
2017-242017-8-12 at 11Vi382017-9-5 at 28Le252017-9-19
2017-11-142017-12-3 at 29Sa182017-12-22 at 13Sa002018-1-10
2018-3-82018-3-22 at 16Ar542018-4-15 at 4Ar462018-5-3
2018-7-72018-7-25 at 23Le272018-8-18 at 11Le312018-9-1
2018-10-282018-11-16 at 13Sa292018-12-6 at 27Sc162018-12-24
2019-2-192019-3-5 at 29Pi382019-3-28 at 16Pi052019-4-16
2019-6-202019-7-7 at 4Le272019-7-31 at 23Cn562019-8-15
2019-10-112019-10-31 at 27Sc382019-11-20 at 11Sc352019-12-7

2020 to 2029

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2020-2-22020-2-16 at 12Pi532020-3-9 at 28Aq122020-3-29
2020-6-12020-6-17 at 14Cn452020-7-12 at 5Cn292020-7-26
2020-9-232020-10-13 at 11Sc402020-11-3 at 25Li532020-11-19
2021-1-152021-1-30 at 26Aq292021-2-20 at 11Aq012021-3-12
2021-5-142021-5-29 at 24Gm432021-6-22 at 16Gm072021-7-7
2021-9-62021-9-26 at 25Li282021-10-18 at 10Li072021-11-3
2021-12-292022-1-14 at 10Aq202022-2-3 at 24Cp222022-2-23
2022-4-262022-5-10 at 4Gm512022-6-3 at 26Ta052022-6-18
2022-8-202022-9-9 at 8Li552022-10-2 at 24Vi112022-10-16
2022-12-122022-12-29 at 24Cp212023-1-18 at 8Cp082023-2-6
2023-4-72023-4-21 at 15Ta372023-5-14 at 5Ta512023-5-13
2023-8-32023-8-23 at 21Vi512023-9-15 at 8Vi002023-9-29
2023-11-252023-12-13 at 8Cp292024-1-1 at 22Sa102024-1-20
2024-3-182024-4-1 at 27Ar132024-4-25 at 15Ar582024-5-13
2024-7-162024-8-4 at 4Vi062024-8-28 at 21Le242024-9-11
2024-11-72024-11-25 at 22Sa402024-12-15 at 6Sa232025-1-2
2025-3-12025-3-15 at 9Ar352025-4-7 at 26Pi492025-4-26
2025-6-292025-7-17 at 15Le342025-8-11 at 4Le142025-8-25
2025-10-212025-11-9 at 6Sa512025-11-29 at 20Sc422025-12-16
2026-2-112026-2-26 at 22Pi332026-3-20 at 8Pi292026-4-9
2026-6-122026-6-29 at 26Cn152026-7-23 at 16Cn192026-8-6
2026-10-42026-10-24 at 20Sc582026-11-13 at 5Sc012026-11-30
2027-1-252027-2-9 at 5Pi582027-3-3 at 20Aq552027-3-23
2027-5-252027-6-10 at 6Cn212027-7-4 at 27Gm282027-7-19
2027-9-172027-10-7 at 4Sc552027-10-28 at 19Li182027-11-13
2028-1-82028-1-24 at 19Aq412028-2-14 at 3Aq592028-3-5
2028-5-62028-5-21 at 16Gm182028-6-14 at 7Gm452028-6-29
2028-8-302028-9-19 at 18Li352028-10-11 at 3Li282028-10-26
2028-12-212029-1-7 at 3Aq382029-1-27 at 17Cp322029-2-16
2029-4-172029-5-1 at 26Ta402029-5-25 at 17Ta332029-6-10
2029-8-132029-9-2 at 1Li492029-9-24 at 17Vi262029-10-9
2029-12-42029-12-21 at 17Cp422030-1-10 at 1Cp262030-1-30

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