During Mars retrograde periods, we get to experience how we sabotage our own actions, preventing us from achieving what we desire to do. The ability to express your will-power seems thwarted. The key here is to discover what is keeping you from effective action and changing it. This inner nemesis may be an over active temper, an impatience with planning when you can rush into activity, or simply a lack of awareness that causes you to ignore useful clues. This is not a good time to initiate new projects that require perseverence, nor is it easy to work with others during this cycle.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-3-172001-5-11 at 29Sa032001-7-19 at 15Sa072001-9-6
2003-6-172003-7-29 at 10Pi082003-9-27 at 0Pi072003-11-7
2005-8-112005-10-1 at 23Ta222005-12-9 at 8Ta142006-2-3
2007-9-162007-11-15 at 12Cn272008-1-30 at 24Gm042008-4-4
2009-10-162009-12-20 at 19Le412010-3-10 at 0Le172010-5-17
2011-11-182012-1-23 at 23Vi052012-4-13 at 3Vi402012-6-19
2013-12-262014-3-1 at 27Li312014-5-19 at 9Li012014-7-21
2016-2-172016-4-17 at 8Sa542016-6-29 at 23Sc032016-8-22
2018-5-122018-6-26 at 9Aq132018-8-27 at 28Cp36201-10-8
2020-7-252020-9-9 at 28Ar082020-11-13 at 15Ar142021-1-2
2022-9-32022-10-30 at 25Gm362023-1-12 at 8Gm072023-3-15
2024-10-42024-12-6 at 6Le102025-2-23 at 17Cn002025-5-1
2026-11-52027-1-10 at 10Vi252027-4-1 at 20L552027-6-7
2028-12-92029-2-14 at 13Li552029-5-5 at 24Vi552029-7-8
2031-1-252031-3-28 at 21Sc382031-6-13 at 4Sc262031-8-9

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