Jupiter is a planet of "luck", opportunities, and contacts with the world at large. When Jupiter is retrograde, the support provided by others dries up, leaving us to get by on our own resources. Often sources of income decrease or unexpected big expenditures crop up. This serves to draw our interests away from "frivolous matters" and concentrate our focus on what is truly important. Use this time to put your life on a firm foundation -- if you can survive this period with so little, you're sure to thrive later when the support resumes.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2000-7-42000-9-29 at 11Gm142001-1-25 at 1Gm112001-4-19
2001-8-82001-11-2 at 15Cn412002-3-1 at 5Cn372002-5-27
2002-9-82002-12-4 at 18Le062003-4-3 at 8Le042003-7-1
2003-10-82004-1-3 at 18Vi542004-5-4 at 8Vi552004-8-2
2004-11-62005-2-1 at 18Li522005-6-5 at 8Li562005-9-2
2005-12-72006-3-4 at 18Sc522006-7-6 at 8Sc592006-10-2
2007-1-92007-4-5 at 19Sa462007-8-6 at 9Sa552007-11-1
2008-2-132008-5-9 at 22Cp222008-9-7 at 12Cp322008-12-1
2009-3-212009-6-15 at 27Aq012009-10-12 at 17Aq092010-1-3
2010-4-292010-7-23 at 3Ar242010-11-18 at 23Pi292011-2-8
2011-6-62011-8-30 at 10Ta212011-12-25 at 0Ta212012-3-17
2012-7-102012-10-4 at 16Gm222013-1-30 at 6Gm192013-4-25
2013-8-122013-11-7 at 20Cn302014-3-6 at 10Cn262014-6-1
2014-9-122014-12-8 at 22Le572015-4-8 at 12Le352015-7-8
2015-10-122016-1-7 at 23Vi142016-5-9 at 13Vi152016-8-7
2016-11-102017-2-6 at 23Li082017-6-9 at 13Li122017-9-6
2017-12-122018-3-8 at 23Sc132018-7-10 at 13Sc202018-10-6
2019-1-142019-4-10 at 24Sa212019-8-11 at 14Sa302019-11-5
2020-2-182020-5-14 at 27Cp142020-9-12 at 17Cp242020-12-6
2021-3-272021-6-20 at 2Pi112021-10-17 at 22Aq192022-1-8
2022-5-42022-7-28 at 8Ar432022-11-23 at 28Pi472023-2-14
2023-6-112023-9-4 at 15Ta342023-12-30 at 5Ta342024-3-23
2024-7-152024-10-9 at 21Gm202025-2-4 at 11Gm162025-4-30
2025-8-172025-11-11 at 25Cn092026-3-10 at 15Cn052026-6-6
2026-9-162026-12-12 at 27Le012027-4-12 at 16Le592027-7-10
2027-10-162028-1-12 at 27Vi302028-5-13 at 17Vi322028-8-11
2028-11-152029-2-10 at 27Li252029-6-13 at 17Li302029-9-10
2029-12-162030-3-13 at 27Sc372030-7-14 at 17Sc452030-10-10
2031-1-182031-4-15 at 28Sa592031-8-15 at 19Sa082031-11-10

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