The ideal partnership is based on equality and fairness. During a Juno retrograde cycle, our ability to live up to this ideal is tested and perfected. Are you prone to power games, lording control over your partner and giving in excessively? Do you try to covertly manipulate the other person or express "love" in a way that entraps them? Relationships work only if the two people enter it with strength and integrity, and recognize and encourage those same traits in the other person. Bad relationships sometimes break up during these cycles, if there's no way to salvage them. This is a time to discover how good a partner you can be.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-10-212001-12-25 at 0Vi032002-3-27 at 15Le152002-6-13
2002-12-122003-3-8 at 20Sc292003-6-29 at 4Sc432003-9-7
2004-2-202004-5-16 at 24Cp452004-9-1 at 9Cp102004-11-19
2005-9-112005-11-1 at 22Gm532006-1-14 at 12Gm132006-3-9
2006-11-242007-2-14 at 27Li532007-6-3 at 12Li032007-9-1
2008-1-212008-4-18 at 29Sa392008-8-8 at 13Sa592008-10-31
2009-6-22009-8-9 at 4Ar362009-11-3 at 21Pi322010-1-1
2010-11-62011-1-19 at 29Vi412011-5-1 at 13Vi592011-7-26
2011-12-282012-3-24 at 7Sa062012-7-16 at 21Sc242012-10-12
2013-3-252013-6-15 at 19Aq002013-9-24 at 3Aq502013-12-5
2014-10-152014-12-15 at 17Le172015-3-13 at 3Le132015-5-24
2015-12-82016-3-2 at 15Sc102016-6-22 at 29Li242016-9-20
2017-2-112017-5-9 at 18Cp202017-8-26 at 2Cp432017-11-14
2018-8-202018-10-11 at 0Gm392018-12-23 at 20Ta192019-2-12
2019-11-202020-2-8 at 21Li392020-5-26 at 5Li482020-8-24
2021-1-142021-4-12 at 24Sa022021-8-2 at 8Sa202021-10-27
2022-5-132022-7-24 at 21Pi312022-10-23 at 7Pi412022-12-24
2023-11-22024-1-12 at 21Vi522024-4-21 at 6Vi172024-7-14
2024-12-222025-3-19 at 1Sa562025-7-10 at 16Sc142025-10-7
2026-3-142026-6-5 at 11Aq002026-9-16 at 25Cp402026-11-29
2027-10-72027-12-4 at 3Le162028-2-26 at 20Cn062028-5-3
2028-12-22029-2-24 at 9Sc502029-6-16 at 24Li032029-9-14
2030-2-42030-5-2 at 11Cp582030-8-20 at 26Sa182030-11-10

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