This is a time to discover previously unrecognized abilities within ourselves. Often, the most beaten down parts of ourselves are actually our greatest strengths. However, they've never been developed or cultivated and remain in that wounded, beaten down state. This lack of growth somewhere in our lives is now holding us back, preventing us from breaking through to the next level of our evolution. It's time to let these wounds heal, to let go of old grudges, to wake up to how powerful we can be if we cease being a "victim". Chiron is an initiator, helping us break through to possibilities undreamed of. However, you must be willing to take the initiative, consciously stepping out of life-as-usual.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-1-32001-4-7 at 28Sa552001-8-26 at 22Sa512001-12-1
2002-1-102002-4-17 at 9Cp092002-9-7 at 3Cp132002-12-15
2003-1-162003-4-25 at 18Cp092003-9-17 at 12Cp222003-12-28
2004-1-222004-5-1 at 26Cp082004-9-26 at 20Cp302005-1-7
2005-1-262005-5-8 at 3Aq172005-10-4 at 27Cp482006-1-17
2006-1-302006-5-15 at 9Aq452006-10-12 at 4Aq242007-1-26
2007-2-32007-5-20 at 15Aq412007-10-19 at 10Aq272008-2-3
2008-2-72008-5-25 at 21Aq082008-10-25 at 16Aq022009-2-9
2009-2-102009-5-30 at 26Aq132009-10-30 at 21Aq122010-2-16
2010-2-142010-6-4 at 0Pi592010-11-5 at 26Aq042011-2-23
2011-2-172011-6-8 at 5Pi292011-11-10 at 0Pi382012-2-29
2012-2-212012-6-11 at 9Pi452012-11-14 at 4Pi582013-3-5
2013-2-232013-6-16 at 13Pi502013-11-19 at 9Pi072014-3-10
2014-2-272014-6-20 at 17Pi452014-11-23 at 13Pi052015-3-15
2015-3-22015-6-25 at 21Pi332015-11-28 at 16Pi562016-3-19
2016-3-42016-6-27 at 25Pi142016-12-1 at 20Pi402017-3-23
2017-3-82017-7-1 at 28Pi512017-12-5 at 24Pi182018-3-27
2018-3-112018-7-4 at 2Ar252018-12-9 at 27Pi532019-4-1
2019-3-152019-7-8 at 5Ar562019-12-12 at 1Ar252020-4-4
2020-3-182020-7-11 at 9Ar262020-12-15 at 4Ar562021-4-7
2021-3-212021-7-15 at 12Ar552021-12-19 at 8Ar262022-4-11
2022-3-252022-7-19 at 16Ar262022-12-23 at 11Ar562023-4-15
2023-3-292023-7-23 at 19Ar572023-12-26 at 15Ar272024-4-17
2024-4-12024-7-26 at 23Ar322024-12-29 at 19Ar002025-4-21
2025-4-52025-7-30 at 27Ar092026-1-2 at 22Ar352026-4-24
2026-4-92026-8-3 at 0Ta522027-1-6 at 26Ar152027-4-28
2027-4-142027-8-7 at 4Ta402028-1-10 at 0Ta012028-5-1
2028-4-182028-8-11 at 8Ta352029-1-13 at 3Ta532029-5-4
2029-4-232029-8-16 at12Ta392030-1-17 at 7Ta532030-5-7
2030-4-282030-8-20 at 16Ta542031-1-21 at 12Ta042031-5-11

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