When the Great Mother Ceres turns retrograde on us, the entire notion of mothering and nurturance is up for grabs in our lives. This goes far beyond "just children", since Ceres describes the ways we give to and receive loving support from others. You're being forced to reconsider what you really care about. Some of our "babies" must be allowed to grow up and fly the coop if our attachments are holding them back. It's also important to recognize whether you are rejecting or filtering out the love others are extending to you during these cycles. Sometimes, the most cruel person in your life is yourself. It's time to reconnect with the web of life and loving.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-3-12001-5-26 at 22Cp492001-8-27 at 8Cp452001-11-13
2002-5-162002-8-13 at 18Ar062002-11-23 at 3Ar482003-2-7
2003-9-122003-11-23 at 25Cn222004-2-25 at 11Cn372004-5-5
2005-1-92005-3-21 at 25Sc062005-6-26 at 11Sc322005-9-8
2006-4-32006-6-20 at 26Aq572006-10-2 at 12Aq452006-12-19
2007-7-42007-9-20 at 23Ta552007-12-28 at 9Ta402008-3-11
2008-11-42009-1-11 at 13Vi352009-4-12 at 0Vi242009-6-20
2010-2-132010-4-28 at 4Cp382010-8-8 at 20Sa402010-10-24
2011-5-82011-7-26 at 0Ar392011-11-6 at 16Pi242012-1-21
2012-8-172012-10-31 at 3Cn432013-2-4 at 19Gm442013-4-16
2013-12-212014-2-27 at 1Sc532014-6-1 at 18Li322014-8-13
2015-3-172015-6-2 at 9Aq122015-9-14 at 25Cp062015-12-1
2016-6-132016-8-31 at 5Ta232016-12-9 at 21Ar072017-2-22
2017-10-72017-12-16 at 18Le112018-3-18 at 4Le432018-5-26
2019-1-272019-4-8 at 14Sa162019-7-17 at 0Sa302019-10-1
2020-4-182020-7-6 at 12Pi492020-10-18 at 28Aq362021-1-3
2021-7-242021-10-8 at 12Gm082022-1-14 at 27Ta572022-3-28
2022-11-282023-2-3 at 6Li582023-5-6 at 23Vi482023-7-15
2024-2-292024-5-14 at 21Cp322024-8-26 at 7Cp292024-11-11
2025-5-242025-8-11 at 16Ar472025-11-21 at 2Ar302026-2-5
2026-9-102026-11-21 at 23Cn562027-2-23 at 10Cn112027-5-4
2028-1-82028-3-19 at 23Sc402028-6-24 at 10Sc062028-9-6
2029-4-12029-6-19 at 25Aq382029-10-1 at 11Aq262029-12-17
2030-7-22030-9-18 at 22Ta372030-12-26 at 8Ta222031-3-10

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