All That Legal Disclaimer Stuff...

Vibrational remedies and their effects on living beings can only be experienced and understood within a paradigm and state of awareness unique to this field. This paradigm is at odds with the worldview currently held by most scientists, doctors, lawyers, and politicians. "Obviously" all this talk about essences, Life Force, and chakras is (at best) a metaphor.

But as they say in Quantum Mechanics, the reality observed depends upon the observer and the experimental setup he/she uses. If you work with flowers and people in certain ways, in particular states of consciousness, you will become aware of certain experiences. If you want to know the "truth" of these matters, do the experiment and trust your direct experience. It's a very liberating act.

Also remember that science and medicine change with time. A century ago, relativity and quantum mechanics would be considered insane by any rational scientist. Heart transplants and gene therapy would have been a fantasy -- as would reading a Web page.

Nevertheless, the following comments must be made, so everyone understands the guidelines.

Nothing in these Web Pages for The BioPsciences Institute (BPI) is intended to diagnose any condition (physical, mental-emotional, or spiritual), especially those conditions known as "diseases" or "syndromes" within the allopathic medical community. The remedies and procedures described here are not intended to treat, cure, or heal these conditions. If you have a serious health condition, please consult with an appropriate physician, therapist, or health care provider. BPI and its staff are not responsible for any adverse effects or results that may occur from inappropriate usage of the information, procedures, or remedies discussed here. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own health, happiness, and well-being.

(We are also not responsible for damage to any of your mental paradigms...)

Having said all that, let's go play with energy...